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  1. The table is meant to provide a series of default locations if ones are not specifically listed. If a project is listed in the _c_project_path_ column, then that PSL may be used, otherwise, a domain source will be used.
  2. If a username is listed in the _c_owner_id_ column, then if the project also matches the project_id, the PSL in that row may be used, otherwise, a project PSL will be used, and if a project PSL does not exist, the domain PSL will be used. For example, only if the domain|project|user_id is an EXACT match to the entries in the database will that PSL be used.
  3. The project id may have associated sub projects that will be represented as project\sub-project\sub-sub-project string. If a sub-project is identified, but only the project exists in the table, the project PSL would be used.The project may not have an entry in the table, and in that case any project (and sub-projects) would be designated the PSL of the domain.
  4. If a general domain PSL is not available in the table, and only a specific project is associated with the domain in the table, then any incoming messages not associated with that project will return an error.
  5. In the table, the "@" character is used to represent the absence of an entry (rather than a blank or a null).
  6. In the explicit string and in the <project_id>, and "@" can be used to optionally represent a blank.


The Schemes schema contains the unique prefixes obtained by different source codes. For example codes from the National Drug Code are prepended with the 'NDC' prefix, while codes from the United Medical Language System are prepended with the 'UMLS' prefix. This schema contains all the schemes recognized by the ONT system.