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The delete_child message is sent to mark a leaf in a folder or the folder itself for deletion. (c_status_cd = 'D') Deleting a folder will cause its children to be marked for deletion as well.

Delete a Node in the Tree

To delete a node in the tree, the sequence of events is as follows:

  1. The client specifies a leaf or folder to be marked for deletion.
  2. WORK server performs the following steps:
    1. Parses the leaf or folder index to obtain the key / table_cd
    2. Query WORKPLACE_ACCESS table for the table name associated with the table_cd.
    3. Update the WORKPLACE table with to mark node corresponding to specified index for deletion.


  1. Client removes the leaf or folder.

delete_child Request Message

This message requires the user to specify the leaf or folder to be marked for deletion. No additional attribute settings are necessary.
<node>\\asthma\55 </node>

delete_child Response Message

A status type of DONE or ERROR is specified in the response header. No specialized message_body is returned to the client.