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The last step in the Software Configuration process is to setup your new OMOP project in the i2b2 Admin Module. In addition to setting up the project you will also need to add yourself and other users to the project so you can log into the i2b2 Web Client.


For the purpose of this guide, set the Project Path as '/OMOP'.

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        <table class="i2b2-important">
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					<td>If you are setting up your production environment, you do not need to define the project path as '/OMOP'. However, you need to make sure the Project Path you define here matches the Project Path in your DB_LOOKUP tables. If this information does not match then the i2b2 cells will not be able to locate the correct database tables.
 Instructions on Setting up Projects and Users</td>

Setting up a Project / User

The standard i2b2 Installation Guide provides the most up to date information on setting up Projects, Users, and access levels to the project. The table below contains links to the specific chapters that will assist you in the final steps.

Managing i2b2 UsersInformation on adding, editing, and deleting users and / or user parameters.
Add a New UserSteps on how to add a new user. A user has to be setup in i2b2 before they can be added to a project.
Managing ProjectsInformation on adding, editing, deleting projects, project users, user roles, as well as parameters for each of these.
Add a New ProjectSteps on how to add a new project.
Add a User to a ProjectHow to add a new user to a project.
Add User Roles for a ProjectDefine what level of access (User Role) the user will have for this project.



In order for the CRC to run queries, the AGG_SERVICE_ACCOUNT has to have access to the new project you just created. Make sure you add this user to your project before trying to run a query. For information on how to add a user to a project please see the Project Users chapter of the i2b2 Installation Guide.