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  1. Java JDK (not JRE) 1.6+ is required.  Feel free to download and install the Java JDK from:
  2. Download the cTAKES GUI code (currently in beta) from
  3. Unzip the contents to a local directory
  4. If required, modify the startup.bat or with the path to your JAVA_HOME environment variable.  Also available as an environment variable is the JETTY_PORT (defaults to 9998).
  5. Open a command line window/terminal and execute or startup.bat
  6. Wait for the message "Jetty running on http://localhost:9998/index.jsp"
  7. Open your favorite web browser and point the url to: http://localhost:9998/index.jsp *
  8. cTAKES GUI Quick Reference Guide.pdf

*Design and Architecture
*Installation Guide