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Health Ontology Mapper (HOM)

(The Health Ontology Mapper is an open source general purpose instance mapper for academic research, public hospitals and non-profits.)

Principal Investigators: Rob Wynden (UCSF), Russ Cucina (UCSF) and Nick Anderson (UW)

Ontology Mapper Original Design: Rob Wynden (UCSF), Davera Gabriel (UCD), Marco Casale (Rochester) and Maggie Massary (UPenn)

Lead Terminologist: Ketty Mobed (UCSF)

HOM Interpreter Programming Lead: Prakash Lakshminarayanan (UCSF)

UETL Programming Lead: Vijay Rayanker (UCSF)

(the original grant application technical proposal can be viewed here:

License: Open Source BSD License HOM BSD ... (For an optional commercial license contact:  Ellen Kats at UCSF Tech Transfer.)   If you would like to purchase a Support License for Ontology Mapper please contact Peter Emerson at Recombinant Data Corp at


HOM call weekly status: 11AM Pacific every Tuesday at: 800 794 6702  Passcode: 5071491#
ConferencePlus (passcode 5071491#)
(please note that the UETL subteam has joined this same con-call as well...)


To reference this project please use:  Wynden R, Weiner MG, Sim I, Gabriel D, Casale M, Carini S, Hastings S, Ervin D, Tu S, Gennari J, Anderson N, Mobed K, Lakshminarayanan P, Massary M, Cucina R. Ontology mapping and data discovery for the translational investigator. Presented at the 2010 AMIA Summit on Clinical Research Informatics meeting, March 12-13 2010, San Francisco, CA.  You can read it HERE


Our released and tested builds and documentation for HOM (including UETL) are available here: Official Builds

(you are currently viewing the HOM development site where we perform work on our next/pending releases)

Weekly Meeting Minutes

Files Section

Publications Page (our primary publication so far is the AMIA 2010 paper that got best paper award highlighted and linked on this page above...)


HOM's data dictionary is published on the NCBO BioPortal:


Bug tracking for HOM is found here:


Revision Control is available on Subversion. Please contact Aaron Mandel for access to Subversion.
Subversion can be viewed from any web browser at:
Subversion clients can be obtained here: http://subversion.tigris.org

The PUBLIC website for the CTSA Health Ontology Mapper SHRINE integration is located here: however the caGRID based site has not been made public yet (not because it's secret or anything but we haven't had the time yet).

The Ontology Mapper project has been very active from its inception and our work continues at a brisk pace.

We are now working on version 2: This project is currently making our tools interoperable with both SHRINE and the NCBO BioPortal with the OpenMDR TRIAD system at OSU.  We have an active project under way to allow the command line operation of UETL and HOM from batch job processing environments and there is an exploratory project that would allow NLP extraction of biomedical concepts from incoming full text data fields.

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