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The tests cases are simply the i2b2 request xml message that is sent to the CRC when a query is run. A set of sample files have been included with the source code for the CRC Test plug-in and will work with the i2b2 demo data that is released in 1.6. For those that do not want the source code we have included a copy of these same files in the zip file that contains the .jar file for this plug-in.

Naming Conventions of xml Files

In order to keep the sample XML files organized and to maintain some sort of consistency we did use a "naming convention" which is defined on the Sample Test Cases prefix page

You are not required to use this same naming convention when creating your own XML files. The only exception to this is if you want the Run Query view to check your expected results against the actual results returned then you need to have this information in the name of the XML file. In the file name you need to enter the number of patients expected to be returned within square brackets.


The plug-in looks for the square brackets in the file name and uses the number within them to determine what the expected results are for this test. It then compares the expected results with the actual number of patients returned to see if there is a discrepancy or if they match. If they do not match then the test will be highlighted in yellow.