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The CRC Tester is an optional plug-in for the i2b2 Workbench and is designed to test the CRC web services.  A set of sample test cases have been provided that will work with the i2b2 demo data.

Some of the key features are:

  • Sample test cases that work with the i2b2 Demo data have been provided with the source code.
  • Users can easily create their own test cases that will work with their data.
  • An i2b2 Workbench view has been created to provide users the ability to easily see the test cases running, their status and any errors.


Quick Downloads

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Release Date


31 MB

Source ?Package: CRC Test Plug-in Source Code + Test Cases

December 7, 2012


627 KB

Macintosh: CRC Test Plug-in JAR file + Test Cases

December 7, 2012


627 KB

Windows: CRC Test Plug-in JAR file + Test Cases

December 7, 2012


Contact Information

Mike Mendis
Project Manager
Partners HealthCare

Shawn Murphy, MD, PhD
Medical Director, Research Computing
Partners Healthcare

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