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Release 1.7.12  contains  solutions for providing an easier install solution of i2b2, supporting various Authentication protocols, integration of REDCAPAlso included are  enhancements to i2b2Weblcient, new database scripts and bug fixes


  • Easier Install  with  using the  prebuilt WAR file  on a existing  widlfly instance.
  • Incorport autenthication Incorporate authenthication protocol support for OKTA, NTLM v2
  • Provide database scripts to update Totalnum counts for Ontology Terms for POSTGESSQL, ORACLE and SQL SERVER databases.
  • Enhanced Webclient Find Terms functionality-
  • Improved view of Left Pane in a maximized mode
  • Larger Query Results Panel view after Query run
  • Integration of REDCAP data entry  into i2b2 for Ontology creation 
  • Documentation updates for Apache Webserver timeout settings for previous queries run.


Feature Details - Release 1.7.12

New Feature:


The top-level categories/folders in your ontology can now be optionally protected by one or more i2b2 roles (e.g. DATA_LDS, DATA_PROT, etc.) This feature allows the administrator to define one or more roles for an individual root folder in the ontology, and users without one of these roles will not be able to see the ontology item or use any of the terms in this folder.

To use this new feature and protect a root level folder, follow these steps:


 Easier i2b2 Install

  • If you are using a prebuilt WAR file: Copy the .war file into a wildfly 14 or 16 instance in the /opt/wildfly-VERSION-Final/standalone/deployments/ folder
  • If you are creating a new WAR file : 1) Run in the edu.harvard.i2b2.server-common folder
    2) ant clean dist war
    3) Copy the i2b2.war from the dist folder to /opt/wildfly-VERSION-Final/standalone/deployments/ folder.
  • Run the data build for all the cell (PM, HIVE, ONT and CRC) . In the Hive there is a new table called HIVE_CELL_PARAM which contains all the previous XML and properties file.
  • Modify the *-ds.xml in the deployment folder to point to the database


If you wanted to create a root level folder in your ontology called "PHI Demonstration" and only wanted users with the DATA_PROT role to be able to see it, you would make the following changes to your TABLE_ACCESS table: