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  • Easier Install  with  using the  prebuilt WAR file  on a existing  widlfly instance.
  • Incorporte Incorport autenthication protocol support for OKTA, NTLM v2
  • Provide database scripts to update Totalnum counts for Ontology Terms for POSTGESSQL, ORACLE and SQL SERVER databases.
  • Enhanced Webclient Find Terms functionality-
  • Improved view of Left Pane in a maximized mode
  • Larger Query Results Panel view after Query run
  • Integration of REDCAP data entry  into i2b2 for Ontology creation 
  • Now you can search for orkplace folder of either: 1) ontology terms or 2) individual patients can be dragged to a query panel and all be dropped into the panel.
  • Previous queries panel with a list of patients can have a single patient dragged to a query panel
  • Added to web client
    • Filter List By User
    • Search Previous Queries - already exists
    • Page Through Previous Queries By Date
    • Include Auto refresh for a timed interval
  • Identified Data Plan
  • New license
  • Upgrade to Wildly 14
  • Document full SSL on database and wildfly
  • Documentation updates for Apache Webserver timeout settings for previous queries run.

Installation Note

The 1.7.11 Release Notes apply to you if you are upgrading your existing i2b2 system from an earlier version of the i2b2 software.


DescriptionWhere to find itRequirements
Upgrade i2b2 database to 1.7.11 12

Software page (i2b2 Website)

Download file under Source Code
Upgrade i2b2 Web Client to 1.7.1112

Software page (i2b2 Website)

Download file under Source Code
Upgrade i2b2 Server to 1.7.11 12 (Source Code)

Software page (i2b2 Website)

Download file under Source Code
Upgrade i2b2 Server to 1.7.11 12 (JAR files) Upgrade to latest version page (Community Wiki) See Technical Details section on the i2b2 Upgrades page and upgrade documentation on Upgrade to latest version page.


Release 1.7.12 involves a few changes to the i2b2 Database. Some are simple an addition to the sample data that is included   Included  totalnum counts to Ontology Terms in the demo data that is delivered with the software while others are changes to the database structure to support new features that are included in 1.7.11

Crcdata Tables


  • Added new entry for the Identity Data Plan

Metadata Taables


  • Added new column for the Identity Data Plan

along with the  Stored procedures 

used for creating the counts.

Change Summary - Release 1.7.



Did you know?

  • Changes to the i2b2 server & database are listed under i2b2 Kernel (Core) Software
  • Changes to the i2b2 Web Client are listed under i2b2 Web Client Software
  • Additional information about the new features can be found in the Feature Details - Release 1.7.11 section located this Change Summary section.