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  • Represents a special string in the following format:


  • Used primarily to manage default parameters that the users will see in regards to the interactions they have with a cell.
  • It will be used in queries to find the value for both cell and global parameters.
  • The hive is initialized with default values for all parameters with a blank / null project, following which the parameters may be overridden by adding a project.
  • When the query returns, only one value for each parameter is returned, but that is the most specific available.





Overall hive default


Asthma default


Hypertension default


Sub-project for Asthma

If the above table was queried by a member of the asthma project who is not a member of the SNM0 sub-project then "Asthma default" would be obtained. If the project "MDD" was to query the table as a member of the major depression project, the value of "Overall hive default" will be obtained because a more specific entry does not exist for the user.