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The i2b2 software for the i2b2 on OMOP project will be released in a series of "Release Candidates (RC)"




Released: 03/27/2017


The first release candidate for the i2b2 on OMOP project will include the following features:

  • Install Scripts for both Oracle and SQL Server databases
  • Limited data set that includes
  • A new parameter in the file that will turn the mult

The first **release candidate for the i2b2 on OMOP project includes the following features:
Ability to query multiple fact tables, which is different from the standard i2b2 star schema where you can only query one fact table (observation_fact).
A new parameter has been added to the file that will "turn on" the ability to query multiple tables.

Install scripts for both the Oracle and SQL Server databases. These scripts will create the i2b2 tables, views, and procedures to run the i2b2 on the OMOP Clinical Data Model (CDM). 

Data Note: This release candidate only includes demographic data (age, race, etc) and some icd-9 diagnoses. Other tables will be made available in other releases.
Release candidate definition: An i2b2 release candidate is a pre-release version of the i2b2 software that is made available to the community prior to the official release of the i2b2 software. Release candidates should never be installed in a production environment.