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  1. Creating a Query in the Query View

    This section describes the process of adding items to the query tool, "AND" / "OR" operators and setting constraints. Quick Links Creating the Query In order to create your query, you will need to define what information will be retrieved from the databases. Selected items from other i2b2 Web Client views can
    i2b2 Web ClientMar 03, 2019
  2. Running a Query

    This section describes the process of defining the desired out and then running a query. Quick Links Defining the Desired Query Output When you run a query … Client. If selected it will work the same as patient set. The result type(s) will appear when you click on the Run Query button and they can be selected
    i2b2 Web ClientMar 03, 2019
  3. Previous Query View

    The Previous Query view is designed to display the most recent queries run by a user. The results associated to the query are also available for viewing.   This section describes the layout and contents of the Previous Query view. NOTE: There are two types of queries that can be run in the i2b2 Web Client
    i2b2 Web ClientMar 03, 2019
  4. 3. Query Tool

    The Query Tool panel is where queries are constructed and run.  3.1 Layout image2019-5-2_12-25-7.png Panel Options  image2019-5-7_15-56-48.png allow users to (1) view the XML exchange between the client and the i2b2 server (if enabled) , (2) set options for the panel, and (3) resize the panel. Query Name
    i2b2 Web ClientJan 21, 2021
  5. 5. Query Status

    The Query Status panel contains information regarding the state of a query. There are three tabs in this panel.  Show Query Status, Graph Results, and Query Report. To expand the Query Status panel for any of the three tabs, click on the square widget in the upper right corner of the panel. image2019-5-2_15
    i2b2 Web ClientAug 27, 2019
  6. Setfinder Query

    Setfinder queries are used to create a set of patients that satisfy a criteria presented in the query. The setfinder qury is composed of query constraints, a list of panels and its items.
  7. Browse Query History

        Get a list of saved query definitions Provides a list of all prior queries created by a client / user Get a list of saved query results Provides query results for given query run / instance Get and XML definition of a defined query Returns the definition of the query
  8. Query Panel Layout - Detailed Review

    Web Client Layout.png I2B2 QUERY Panel The Query Panel is designed to simplify the process of retrieving information from the database associated to the i2b2 Web Client. This section describes the layout and contents of the Query Panel.   For details on constructing and executing queries, see  the section
    i2b2 Web ClientMar 03, 2019
  9. Query timing - ANYtime and SAME visit queries

    Query Timing: ANYtime in Patient History and In SAME Patient Visit Introduced in Core i2b2 Version 1.6 In the 1.6 Release of i2b2 we introduce the idea of "Query Timing". Query Timing is a way of specifying co-occurring events. In the Query Timing used in the i2b2 User Interface up to this release, concepts
    i2b2 Developer's ForumOct 12, 2010
  10. 712. Query Optimization

    Optimization of i2b2 query strategy i2b2 queries often contain multiple attributes which are combined with AND clauses (e.g. "diagnosis = diabetes AND age <= 18 years"). The i2b2 CRC cell (Clinical Research Chart) queries these attributes consecutively from the OBSERVATION_FACT table, using the result sets of each