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  1. Software for i2b2 on OMOP

    in the hive_cell_params table: Multi-fact Table Home … from the link above (labeled Release 1.7.09). 3) You might need to update QT tables from
    OMOPMar 22, 2021
  2. Use Case_ Run a query from Panel Definition

    Validate the user by calling the Project Management cell. Select a data mart based on the combination of domain_id, project_id, and user_id. Call the Ontology cell with the item key and determine the dimension table to join with the fact table. Save the query panel definition and the generated SQL statements

    This table holds the minimum user role required in CRC operation like whether to obfuscate the result or whether the user has access to blob field in the fact table, etc. QT_PRIVILEGE       Key Column Name Column Definition Nullable? (Default = YES) PK
  4. i2b2_design_questions_06042008.doc

    rows in the Ontology table, which have data encoded for them in the fact table, are actually present in the CONCEPT_DIMENSION table. If there is a row … a LOOKUP table which does not qualify as a DIMENSION because it doesn’t strictly support the fact table. However, there are several codes in the observation fact
    Health Ontology Mapper / … / HOM HomeDec 20, 2010
  5. Ontology basics.ppt

    I2b2 Metadata Defining concepts Defining values Defining modifiers Building queries with i2b2 metadata Star Schema One fact table surrounded radially … of hierarchies and descriptors that define the facts. i2b2 Fact Table In i2b2, an atomic “fact” is an observation on a patient. Examples of FACTS
    i2b2 Working Groups / … / Ontology BasicsJun 18, 2018
  6. Next Steps

    After completing the installation of the CRC, Ontology, and Workplace tables, the next step is to configure the i2b2 software to query multiple fact tables …   i2b2 hivedata and pmdata tables were installed and loaded with the data provided in the standard i2b2 data file
    OMOPApr 05, 2017
  7. i2b2OMOP_installGuide.pdf

    -on-FHIR tools that rely on the i2b2 API are also able to run on the OMOP data model. The standard i2b2 data model is comprised of a central fact table … ), rather than a central fact table, we have a collection of them distinguished by domain: procedures, condition, drug, measurement, observation, etc. In this project
    OMOP / … / Installation GuideMay 24, 2017
  8. Mapper_Schema_Design_v1.3.doc

    changes pertaining to Map data fact tablePrakash Lakshminarayanan07/24/20081.2Synchronized mapper schema with latest i2b2 schema changesPrakash … record in OBSERVATION_FACT will be stored here. This table has been created to segregate the transformed data from the source data and also to keep the i2b2 fact
    Health Ontology Mapper / … / HOM HomeDec 20, 2010
  9. June Meeting ETL.pdf

    databases for IRB reasons, even though this requires much more storage. Single v. multiple fact tables (new i2b2 option) ◦ BIDMC uses a single fact tablefact tables. This ingestion process has two main issues to over come, first is the use of || as the separator, coming from supplied .dat files Second
    i2b2 Working Groups / … / June Boston MeetingJul 03, 2018
  10. Mapper_Schema_Design_v1.1 (2).doc

    /20081.0Initial versionPrakash Lakshminarayanan07/16/20081.1Incorporated changes pertaining to Map data fact tablePrakash Lakshminarayanan … the source data and also to keep the i2b2 fact table (OBSERVATION_FACT) design intact. Mapper functionality required several design changes on the OBSERVATION_FACT
    Health Ontology Mapper / … / HOM HomeDec 20, 2010