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Step 4: Set Metadata schema name for the hivedata tables

During the hivedata installation one of the tables created was the ONT_DB_LOOKUP table. The Ontology needs to communicate with this table and in order to do this we need to tell it where to find the Hivedata tables. During this step we will set the database schema name for the hivedata.


You need to know the location of your Hivedata tables. These are owned by the PM cell.

Steps to set the location of the ONT_DB_LOOKUP table

These steps include example configurations for Oracle, PostgreSQL and SQL Server.

1. In the file scroll to the section called Bootstrap METADATA schema name.
2. Set the metadataschema to the name of the database / schema where your hivedata tables are located.

Bootstrap METADATA schema name

Oracle Configuration


PostgreSQL Configuration


SQL Server Configuration


3. Save your changes and close the file.