Developers Getting Started With i2b2
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Step 4: Load Metadata Tables

The fourth and final step in the Metadata installation process is to load the data into the Metadata tables by running the following command:


The Metadata provided in the data package is a sampling of terms from various standard coding systems. There data is rather large but it is by no means a complete set of ICD-9, SNOMED, LOINC, or CPT codes.

If you have your own Metadata and wish to load it instead of the i2b2 sample Metadata you can do it at this point of the installation.

Select the command line that is appropriate for your environment.

Linux Run Command

ant -f data_build.xml db_metadata_load_data

Windows Run Command

%ANT_HOME%\bin\ant.bat -f data_build.xml db_metadata_load_data


The loading of the Metadata may take an extended period of time (20 minutes) due to the amount of sample data provided.

Select the command line that is appropriate for your environment to load the identified data

Linux Run Command

ant -f data_build.xml db_metadata_load_identified_data

Windows Run Command

%ANT_HOME%\bin\ant.bat -f data_build.xml db_metadata_load_identified_data