Developers Getting Started With i2b2
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Step 5: Load Data Repository (CRC) Tables

The fifth and final step in the Crcdata installation process is to load the data into the demodata tables by running the following command:


  • The demodata provided in the data package is a sampling of demonstration patients and observations that are by no means based on real patients. Also included is a sample of concepts, modifiers and providers that coincide with the Metadata that is loaded during the Metadata tables section.
  • The data provided is intended to provide you a sample of how you may setup the Crcdata tables.
  • If you have your own data and wish to load it instead of the i2b2 sample demodata you can do it at this point of the installation.

Select the command line that is appropriate for your environment.

Linux Run Command
ant -f data_build.xml db_demodata_load_data

Windows Run Command
%ANT_HOME%\bin\ant.bat -f data_build.xml db_demodata_load_data


The loading of the Crcdata may take an extended period of time (20 minutes) due to the amount of sample data provided.