Developers Getting Started With i2b2
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Step 1: Change Working Directory

During the CRC Data Installation we will be working with the Crcdata directory. Within this directory are the files we will be editing to define the database properties, create the Crcdata tables and load the sample data provided with the data package.

To change your working directory to the Crcdata directory enter the following command:

Change Directory Command
CD YOUR_I2B2_DATA_DIR\\Release_1-7\NewInstall\Crcdata


The change directory command shown above is written for Windows. The command itself is the same for both Linux and Windows with the only exceptions being the slashes in the path name and Linux does not include the "drive".

  • Linux Path: use a forward slash.
  • Windows Path: use a backward slash.


Windows Command:  CD C:\opt\data\\Release_1-7\NewInstall\Crcdata
Linux Command:  CD /opt/data/