Developers Getting Started With i2b2
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Steps completed in this chapter

The following steps were completed during this chapter on Requirements.

  Requirements Chapter

  Database Requirements
  Installed one of the database management systems supported by i2b2 (Oracle / PostgreSQL / SQLServer)
  Browser Requirements
  Installed one of the browsers supported by i2b2 (Firefox / Internet Explorer / Safari)
  i2b2 Server Requirements
  Installed Java JDK 8.0 on your i2b2 Server.
  Installed Wildfly 17 Application Server on your i2b2 Server.
  Installed Apache Ant 1.9.6 on your i2b2 Server.
  Installed Apache Axis2 1.7.1 on your i2b2 Server.
  Set your system environment variables on your i2b2 Server.
  Web Server Requirements
  Installed IIS on your web server Windows machine only.
  Installed Curl on your web server Linux machine only.
  Installed Php: Hypertext Preprocessor on your web server.
  i2b2 Software Requirements
  Downloaded the i2b2 data installation scripts.
  Downloaded the i2b2 core source code.
  Downloaded the i2b2 Web Client code.
  Downloaded the i2b2 Workbench application for Windows or Macintosh.
  Downloaded the VMWare image of the i2b2 Core Server. Optional

Next Steps

After installing all required software and downloading the i2b2 Software the next step in the installation process is to proceed with the Data Installation. The next chapter will guide you through the process of installing the i2b2 demo data.