Developers Getting Started With i2b2
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WildFly Requirements

WildFly is a Java EE-based application server that can operate across platforms and is usable on any operating system that supports Java. All application operations between the i2b2 clients, the cells on the i2b2 server and the i2b2 database are managed by the WildFly. Prior installation  of WildFly on the i2b2 Server is required only If you are building each i2b2  cell from the source code.

If you are installing  1.7.12 and higher binary distribution, prior install of WildFly is not required. The download package comes with WildFly component. Make sure to configure and start this WildFly service.  

Required Version: WildFly-17.0.0.Final

Download from Website: i2b2 Supported Software - WildFly-17.0.0.Final

Operating System

File Name

Linux or Windows


The version of WildFly-17.0.0.Final that has been tested and verified to work with the i2b2 software is available for download from the i2b2 Website. This has been setup as an automatic download and can only be accessed by clicking on the link shown above or the one listed in step 1.

Wildfly 10 Installation Steps

1. Download the  file from the Website above
2. Locate the file (wildfly-17.0.0.Final) you just downloaded.
3. Extract all the items in the zip file into a directory of your choice.
Linux Example:  /opt/wildfly-17.0.0.Final
Windows Example:  C:\opt\wildfly-17.0.0.Final


You will want to make note of the location as it will be needed further along in the i2b2 installation. In the installation document whenever you see YOUR_JBOSS_HOME_DIR it will need to be replaced with the location of your Wildfly. For your convenience an installation Worksheet has been provided at the end of this document to track the setup locations.