Developers Getting Started With i2b2
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The i2b2 data is stored in a relational database in a star schema format. Currently, the i2b2 supports three different database management systems (DBMS); Only one of them is required to store your i2b2 data.

1. Oracle
2. PostgreSQL
3. SQL Server

The DBMS you choose to use is dependent on what works best for your institution. At this point in the installation all that we require is that you have a DBMS setup in your environment.

If you do not have a DBMS currently setup then you will need to do so at this point in the installation. The setup of the DBMS is specific to the version you are installing, therefore we recommend you follow the installation procedures documented by the vendor providing the software. The following table provides the links to the websites for each DBMS.





12 and 18


9.x (and 10.x unofficially)

SQL Server

2012+ (through 2019)