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Now that you have installed the Identity Management cell the next step is to update the cell data in the i2b2 Administration Module. The following steps will guide you through the process of editing existing cell data.


In the Data Installation chapter, the cell data for the required i2b2 core cells was loaded into the cell data table when installing the Pmdata.

By default the cells are configured to work with the i2b2 demo database. This means localhost and port 9090 are part of the cell's address.

  • You will need to edit the cells data if you changed any of default settings.
  • You can skip this step if you did not change the default settings.

To be safe you may want to review the default settings at least once to determine if anything is different in your environment.

Edit Existing Cell Data

1. Log into the i2b2 Administration Module.

2. Click on Manage Cells located in the navigation panel on the left.
3. The Manage Cells page will display in the panel on the right.

4. In the left navigation panel, click on IM Cell to display the edit page.

5. Modify the Cell URL to the IP or domain name that the IM cell is located.
6. Click on Save to file the changes in the table.

The i2b2 Web Client and Workbench will now be able to connect to the IM cell. For additional setup information regarding projects, users, parameters, etc. please see the chapter titled Initial Setup