Developers Getting Started With i2b2
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The i2b2 Web Client is pre-configured to use the PHP proxy that is delivered with the i2b2 Web Client Software. The steps in this section will walk you through how to access the _connection configuration_file and change the proxy attributes.

Steps to update the Proxy information in i2b2_config_data.js


Make sure you are editing the files in your web server directory and not the ones that reside in YOUR_I2B2_WC_DIR.

1. Go to the web client folder in your web server directory.
Linux Example:   /var/www/html
Windows Example:   C:\inetpub\wwwroot

2. Open the i2b2_config_data.js file to edit the proxy information.


	urlProxy: "index.php",


  • The urlProxy must be changed for every deployment.
  • It should be set to point to your web proxy cell. In all cases it must be the same base URL (hostname and port) as the website that is used to load the initial default.htm file into the browser.

3. Save the changes.