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Configure Security in PHP Proxy

Included in the code distribution is index.php which can act as a simply proxy for use in a PHP-enabled Apache web server. This proxy file requires PHP to be compiled with XML support (default setting in most Linux distributions). Within the PHP file are 2 arrays that are used to restrict all requests from connected web clients to only the IP addresses that the cells are located at.




List of acceptable URL prefixes.  


List of*invalid* URL prefixes.



$WHITELIST = array(

$BLACKLIST = array(

Steps to update the index.php file


Make sure you are editing the files in your web server directory and not the ones that reside in YOUR_I2B2_WC_DIR.

1. Go to the web client folder in your web server directory.
Linux Example:   /var/www/html
Windows Example:   C:\inetpub\wwwroot

2. Open the index.php file to edit the existing arrays with information that is relevant to your security policies .
3. Save the changes and close the file.