Developers Getting Started With i2b2
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This guide is designed to assist users in the installation of the i2b2 software, which is comprised of the i2b2 database, the core i2b2 cells and both i2b2 clients (Web Client and Workbench). The environment that the i2b2 can be installed can consist of any number of configurations. For instance:

  • The i2b2 database can be installed on an Oracle, PostgreSQL, and SQL Server.
  • The i2b2 core cells (also known as the i2b2 server) can be installed on a machine that is running Microsoft Windows Server (Windows Server) or Linux.
  • The i2b2 Workbench can be installed on a machine running Microsoft Windows (Windows) or Apple's Macintosh (Mac)

Chapter Sections

Since the overall installation process is the same regardless of the environment we have created a single installation guide. It is noted within the documentation when information is specific to a type of database or operating system. The document has been streamlined to provide consistency throughout the installation process. Each chapter will contain the following sections:




Outlines the steps that need to be completed before starting the chapter.

Installation Overview

Outlines the steps that will be taken during that phase of the installation

      Source Code and
      Working Directory   

Outlines the following:

  • Location of the files for that step of the installation reside.
  • Main directory you will be working in during that chapter.
  • Lists any additional directories and files that you will be editing during the installation.

Stopping Services

Walks users through the process of stopping any services that may be running.


Walks users through editing all the configuration files that need to be updated with information that is specific to your environment.


When appropriate this section will walk users through deploying the code.

Start Services

Walks users through the process of starting any services and how to verify that the web services you deployed are running.

Update Cell Data

When appropriate this section will walk users through updating their cell data in i2b2 Admin.

Verify Install

Outlines how to verify the installation is correct.

Next Steps

Outlines the next steps that need to be taken in order to finish the implementation.

Some chapters may have additional sections that are specific to the installation of that item. For instance the Data Installation will have a section on setting up database users. This section is not relevant to all the other chapters and therefore it is not included in the above list.

It is important that you follow this guide in the order that the steps are written. Some steps have to occur before others. For instance the PM Cell has to be installed before any other cells. The chapters are organized in the order in which the installation has to occur.

Guide Notations

Throughout the guide notations will be made to assist you with the installation. These notations fall into one of four categories and will appear in the documentation as follows:


This notation is important to the installation process or may be a setting that needs to be defined in order for i2b2 to work correctly.


This notation is a simple FYI.


This notation is a tip or recommendation that may make the installation process a little easier.


This notation is extremely important to the installation process and may prevent the installation from continuing if not followed.