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All cells in the i2b2 hive must communicate using standard i2b2 XML messages. This message specifies certain properties that are common to all cells and are essential to the administration tasks associated with sending, receiving and processing messages.
A request message is sent from a client to a service and contains information inside the top level <request> tag that allows the service to satisfy the request. The <request> tag contains a <message_header>, <request_header> and <message_body>.
The service sends back a response message, inside a top-level <response> tag, which informs the client about the status of the request and may also contain the actual results. The <response> tag contains its own <message_header>, <response_header> and <message_body> and it may optionally echo the request's <request_header>.
The following image illustrates the basic top-level elements contained within the request and response messages.

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