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A get_folder_by_userid message returns a list of folders that will be displayed as roots of the Workplace tree. No other information needs to be passed to the service.
User information is provided in the <message_header>; roles will be provided by the Project Management (PM) cell.

Get a List of Folders Associated with a User

The get_folder_by_userid message is sent by the workplace view to populate the root nodes available to a user.
The sequence of events is as follows (assumes max is not an issue)

  1. The client requests a list of categories for a given user (get_folder_by_userid)

Request type = core

  1. The WORK server performs the following steps:
    1. Get a list of roles available for this user from the PM cell (this also serves to validate the user)
    2. Query the WORKPLACE_ACCESS table for the list of folders associated with this user for the project they are logged into.

  1. The client maps the list of folders to the Workplace root node.

GET_folder_by_userid Request Message

<work:get_folders_by_userId type="core"/>

Possible "type" Settings




Return all data except system / date information

GET_folder_by_userid Response Message

Response Message: