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Response Message for a Valid User Request

In the PM response message, there are optional "param" XML elements in various locations of the XML. These can be used to describe additional parameters that may exist for different users, projects or global data. For example, if there is a need to prevent a user from getting access to particular data, the user param field could be used to hold a security alert. Or the project parameter could hold the name of a project sponsor or surrogate. The param tags are generic XML tags for adding more information to the messages.
<full_name>Demo User</full_name>
<project id="ASTH">
<name>Asthma group</name>
<param name="IRB_Number">2008P00345</param>
<param name="user_key"1941jd2-02d21=""</param>
<cell_data id="PM">
<name>Project Management</name>
<cell_data id="ONT">
<param name="OntMax">200</param>
<param name="OntSyn">false</param>
<cell_data id="PFT">
<cell_data id="CRC">
<param name-nickname="">Demo guy</param>

Response Message for an Invalid User Request

<status type="ERROR">Supplied password does not match user password!</status>