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The add_child message is sent to add a new leaf or folder to a given folder.

Add a Node in the Tree

To add a node to the tree, the sequence of events is as follows:

  1. The client requests to add a leaf or folder to a given folder.
  2. WORK server performs the following steps:
    1. Parses the leaf or folder index to obtain the key / table_cd
    2. Query WORKPLACE_ACCESS table for the table name associated with the table_cd.
    3. Generates a new index for the new leaf or folder.
    4. Insert the new leaf or folder into the WORKPLACE table.

  1. Client populates the selected folder with the new leaf or folder.

add_child Request Message

This message requires the user to specify the leaf or folder to be added. No additional attribute settings are necessary.
<name>Circulatory system</name>
<tooltip>CONCEPT:Circulatory system</tooltip>
<plugin_drag_drop xmlns:ns4="">
<key>\\rpdr\RPDR\Diagnoses\Circulatory system (390-459)</key>
<name>Circulatory system</name>
<dimcode>\RPDR\Diagnoses\Circulatory system (390-459)</dimcode>
<comment />
<tooltip>Diagnoses \ Circulatory system</tooltip>

add_child Response Message

A status type of DONE or ERROR is specified in the response header. No specialized message_body is returned to the client.