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Container for request information




Container list of folders returned in a response




Container for a folder returned in a response; an object that holds information from rows in a WORKPLACE table.


The name of the workplace item.


A "
table code\unique index" pair.
Example: \\i2b2\1
In the above example, "i2b2" equates to the table code and a unique index of "1".


The index of the parent of this workplace item.


Three character string that indicates the graphical representation of the term.
String XYZ, where
X can be "C" (container), "F" (folder), "L" (leaf), "M" (multi)
Y can be "A" (active), "I" (inactive), "H" (hidden)
Z can be "O" (open) or null


A tooltip that is associated with the workplace item.


The project or group ID associated with the workplace item.


Indicates whether or not the workplace item is shared (Y/N).


Indicates the status of the workplace item ("D" = deleted).


The user ID of the originator of the workplace item.


The schema associated with <workXml>.


The i2b2 type associated with the drag and drop XML.

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