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The get_name_info message will let users set the protected access on any folder or any contents of the folder. If user sets protected access to a folder, all the contents of the folder will recursively get protected access.

get_name_info Request Message

This message requires the user to pass a index that is the parent or itme, and if they want the item protected.
Who can set protected access

  1. User should have a role of "DATA_PROT" in order to set protected access
  2. If user is a manager then he or she can set protected access on any content as long as they belong to his/her project id
  3. If user is not manager then user can set protected to access to either shared content or his own content.

Index: It should have table code (given in workplace access table) and the index of the content
protectedAccess: This element can be set to true or false


get_name_info Response Message

Client will need to call 'get_children' service once 'setProtectedAccess' returns a reponse. This is to ensure that client displays the correct colors for the protected access content. Client can set the color based on the get_children service response which should have following

<status type="DONE">Workplace processing completed</status>