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Below is a list of proposed topics for future meetings of the User Interface Working Group. The initial list was developed at the Working Group's meeting at the annual i2b2-tranSMART conference in June 2018.


  • Low hanging fruit
    • Collect info on UI bugs (e.g., i2b2 timeline issues)
    • Are there minor tweaks that can improve usability?
    • Can SHRINE feature be added to the standard i2b2 web client?
    • Understand ongoing UI efforts (e.g., DFCI's UI)
  • Building queries
    • Modifiers
    • Temporal queries
    • Family relations
    • Query for specimens and other entity types (instead of patients)
  • Data quality and data insights
    • Health services and healthcare utilization (e.g., fact count) query concepts
    • Info about ontology items (e.g., data quality, counts by year, etc.)
    • Timelines for data insights and population synopsis
    • Consortium quality measures (federated queries)
  • General functionality
    • Methods of login, such as keycloak ID management platform
    • Localization (different languages)
    • Are new APIs needed for new UI features?
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