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The process of running or cancelling a test is a fairly simple process once the test cases (xml files) are loaded. The following sections outline the process as well as explain the different statuses that may be seen.

Selecting the Tests to Run

If you want to run all the tests in the list / table the simplest thing to do is to click on the Select All button. Once you click on this it will add a check mark in the check box next to each test.

If you want to only run a single test or just a couple that are in the list then click on the check box next to the test you want to run. This will add a check mark indicating that it is selected to be run.


If all the tests are checked off and you only want to run one or two then click on the Clear All Selections button rather than selecting each one individually.

Clearing Selected Tests

The Clear All Selections button will uncheck all the tests that have a check mark in the check box next to their name.

If you do not want to run a test then click on the check in the check box next to the test you want to run. This will remove the check mark indicating that it is not selected to run.

Run the Tests

To begin the process of running the tests, simply click on the Run button located at the bottom of the view.

The status of each test will be updated as it runs. The different statuses are defined below:




The test is currently running. In other words the request was sent to the CRC and the plug-in is waiting for a response from the CRC.


An error was returned from the CRC.

  • If an error is returned the test will be highlighted red.
  • You can see the error message by clicking on the link in the message column.


The test finished running. A response message was returned with no error message.


The test was cancelled.

Cancel the Tests

While the tests are running click on the Cancel button. If there are multiple tests selected to run it will change the status of the test it is running at the time of cancellation and it will not run the remaining tests.

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