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The test cases to be used by the CRC Tester are listed in the Run Query view. Users can add multiple files and select to run all of them or just a few. In addition to adding the test cases, users can define the credentials to be used when running the tests or they can use the default, which is whatever they used to log into the i2b2 Workbench.

The Run Query view can be broken down into several sections which are defined below.

Load Files and Credentials

The Load Files button is used to select the XML files (test cases) that you want to add to the list of tests that will be used to test the CRC web services.

The Load Credentials button allows you to run the test cases using a different set of credentials than the ones you used to log into the i2b2 Workbench.

Selection Buttons

The Select All button is a easy way to select all the tests in the table / list. This saves the user time so they don't have to select the tests one at a time.

The Clear All button does the opposite of the Select All butt0n in that it will "uncheck" all the tests.

Clear Table Button

The Clear Table button will remove all the tests and results from the table.


Once you click on this button the results from the tests you have run during this session will be lost when the table is cleared. Therefore you need to make sure you want to clear the table before you click on it.

Test Case List (Table)

The Test Case List is a table view that displays the files you have loaded. It will display the name of the test, the number of patients returned when the query was run, how long it took to run the query, the status of the query, and the response message that is returned from the CRC.


The index column will display a check box and the row number. When the check box has a check mark in it (checked off) then that test will run when clicking on the Run button. If there is no check mark then it is considered "unchecked" ad the test will not run.

Test File Name

The name of the XML file will appear in this column.

Patient / Encounter Count

The number of patients or encounters returned in the response XML message from the CRC will display.

Run Time

The run time is the length of time it took the CRC to run the query. The time is displayed in milliseconds.


The status of the query will display. The options are:



This column contains a hyperlink to display the response XML message that is sent from the CRC.

Message Viewer

The Message Viewer section will display the response XML message that is returned from the CRC. The message populates this view when you click on the hyperlink in the Message column.

Run and Cancel Button

The Run button is used to start the process of querying the CRC using the test cases listed in the table.

The Cancel button will stop the process of querying the CRC. It will cancel the current test and will not run any remaining tests in the list.

Options Dialog

The options dialog allows you to specify the maximum amount of time to wait for an XML response from the CRC before it times out and returns an error.

The default is 180 seconds

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