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Version #Release DateDescription
v0.911-06-2020Pre-release for community feedback
v1.001-31-2021Initial Release

Table of Contents

1. Introduction

2. Quick Start Guide
2.1. Star Schema Introduction
2.2. Table Descriptions and Examples

3. Table and Field Definitions and Descriptions
3.1 Schema Reference
3.2 Table and Field Descriptions

4. Tutorials: Using the i2b2 CDM
4.1 Diagnoses and Demographics (Basic Facts)
4.2 Laboratory Tests and Vital Signs (Value Constraints)
4.3 Medications, Procedures and Allergies (Modifiers)
4.4 Clinical Notes, Imaging and Genomics Data (Blob Data)
4.5 Lab Panels and Specimens (Dummy Records)
4.6 Clinical Trial Data (Extending the Data Model)

5. Advanced Topics
5.1 Encrypted Data
5.2 Multiple Fact Tables
5.3 Working with OMOP Data
5.4 Loading Data into the i2b2 CDM

6. Acknowledgements

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