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One of the exciting features of the latest i2b2 upgrade in ACT is the addition of two plugins to assist in the local identification of patients. Both plugins are run in your site's local i2b2 web client.

  • SHRINE-to-i2b2 Connector plugin enables a local site admin (i.e. a user with MANAGER role in the local i2b2 project that SHRINE uses) to easily view all SHRINE queries that come into your site's SHRINE node. The plugin allows the local site admin to filter all incoming queries by flag status and search by query name.

  • Patient Data Exporter allows the local data concierge to download a list of i2b2 patient numbers for a specified patient set of interest. These i2b2 patient numbers can then be referenced back to patient MRNs (using your site's own process) for study recruitment purposes.

These plugins were distributed in a pre-packaged i2b2 1.7.12A web client as part of the upgrade process. You can check if your version of your i2b2 web client contains these plugins by confirming if the existence of the folder /webclient/js-i2b2/cells/plugins/ACT/. If you do not see the 'ACT' folder, you can download the pre-packaged web client below which will contain these plugins already enabled for use.


Descriptioni2b2 Released VersionDownload LinkRequirements
i2b2 1.7.12A web client with pre-packaged two ACT plugins1.7.12A

You are running at least i2b2 1.7.12A in the ACT production network.

Step-by-Step Instructions for installing and configuring ACT plugins

Unzip to your web server directory. This is usually where your local i2b2 web client is running (not your SHRINE web client). Example on Linux running Apache, below:

Linux Example
$ unzip -d /var/www/html/

This will extract the folder 'i2b2-act-webclient' in your web directory (e.g.  /var/www/html/i2b2-act-webclient/)

Configure the /i2b2-act-webclient/i2b2_config_data.js file. If you have an existing i2b2_config_data.js that is setup for your local ACT i2b2, you can copy and replace this file.

This is a standard i2b2 web client configuration as outlined in section 1.4.2 Domain Configuration of the i2b2 installation guide.

Configure the /i2b2-act-webclient/ACT_configuration.php file. This configuration file contains the URL to your SHRINE node's 'admin' API. You should modify the $shrine_admin_url variable depending on your version of SHRINE.

  • For SHRINE 3.0+ versions: $shrine_admin_url = 'http://your-shrine-server:port/shrine-api/aim3/xml';
  • For SHRINE 2.x versions: $shrine_admin_url = 'http://your-shrine-server:port/shrine/rest/i2b2/admin/request';

This configuration is required for the SHRINE-to-i2b2 Connector plugin to operate.

You can skip this step if you are using the pre-packaged file above. Your plugins are already configured in i2b2_loader.js.

Configure the /i2b2-act-webclient/js-i2b2/i2b2_loader.js file. This configuration file controls which i2b2 web client plugins are enabled in your web client.

Add the MANAGER role to your local i2b2 account(s) for your ACT i2b2 project.

If you are unsure about what your local i2b2 project is called, the information can be found in your shrine configuration file (/opt/shrine/tomcat/lib/shrine.conf) under shrine.hiveCredentials.crcProjectId:

shrine {
hiveCredentials {
crcProjectId = 'demo'

Once you have confirmed your local i2b2 project ID that SHRINE uses, you should add the following i2b2 role for your i2b2 account in your PM_PROJECT_USER_ROLES table


If the account you login with does not have the MANAGER role, you will not see the SHRINE-to-i2b2 Connector or Patient Data Exporter plugins in the list of available plugins.

Verify your installation

Test web client

Navigate to your local i2b2 Web Client in your preferred browser and verify you are able to log on. Click on the Analysis Tools at the top-right, you should see the SHRINE-to-i2b2 Connector and Patient Data Exporter plugins.

Need help? If you run into any issues, please check out the Troubleshooting Tips for i2b2 & SHRINE page, and/or post your issues to the ACTtecdh mailing list

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