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Running this image will require a recent supported installation of the Docker Engine

You will also need root or superuser access to run this install. 

If you are not familiar with Docker

Operating systems checked


Our testing has shown that this ACT Docker container will run on: CentOS 7, Windows 10 Professional, and Mac OS. Also, this container will run on Windows 7 with the Docker Toolbox for Windows installed.



Our public Dockerhub repository page is here: ACT On this page you will find abridged instructions on how to run this image into a container on your local host.

Download this script: launcher  This script is a helper that will prompt for parameters that are unique to your site. Then the script will execute a Docker run with these parameters. 

Pull the Docker image by: 

docker pull i2b2/act-web

Run the launcher script that you downloaded in Step 1. 


The script will prompt your for your SHRINE URL. Enter in your SHRINE URL.

The script will now prompt you for your i2b2 domain. Enter it here.

The script will now prompt you for your PM cell URL. Enter it here.

The script will now build the ACT image, and run the ACT container.  All outputs of these commands can be found in ACTStart.log

Verify the ACT Web Client is running by going to http://your_hostname:5001 in a browser. 

If there are any issues, go to http://your_hostname:5001/ACT_requirements.php  

You have completed all the steps! Here are some helpful Docker commands:

To delete the running act_container, enter in: docker container rm -f act_container


To run a container based on the act image, type in docker run --name [anyname] -d -p [hostPort:80] name of image]
In the exmaple beow we have started two ACT containers running at the same time 

Here are the two containers' URLs running at the same time! Note the port numbers.

To get a list of running containers type in: docker container ls


To get to the act_container's shell, type in: docker exec -it act_container sh.  You can see this in the example below, here I did a ls once inside the 
container's shell. To leave the shell, type in exit. This will bring you back to the host OS.

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