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New Graph Results view to display patient breakdowns in a graph



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      A new view (widget) will be created that will display the analysis breakdowns in a graph format.

      The i2b2 standard analysis breakdowns include:

      Number of patients
      Gender patient breakdown
      Vital Status patient breakdown
      Race patient breakdown
      Age patient breakdown

      Expected Behavior:

      1. The supported browsers will be Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer and Safari. There is one exception in regards to Internet Explorer. The graphing capabilities will only work on I.E. 9 or higher. It will not work on I.E. 7 or 8.

      2. When running a query with at least one breakdown selected the results will display in both Show Query Results and Graph Results.

      3. The focus will automatically change to to Graph Results when running a query with at least one analysis breakdown selected. Exception is when an unsupported version of I.E. is used.

      4. If no analysis breakdowns are selected when running the query then the results will only display in Show Query Results.

      5. When clearing a query, the results that display in Graph Results will also be cleared.

      6. The following message will appear to users if they click on Query Results while using I.E. 7 or 8.

           "Graph Results is not supported for this version of Internet Explorer. In order to display the graphs in Internet Explorer you will need to use version 9 or higher."


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