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Prepare software for 1.7.07 Release



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      This task is being entered to track the release management process for version 1.7.07 of the i2b2 Web Client.

      JIRA Tasks:
      * Verify all the issues to be included in the 1.7.07 Release have been tested and documented. This includes making sure the "Fix Version/s" is defined as 1.7.07.
      * Close all the JIRA issues that have been marked as Resolved.

      VM Image
      * Create a 1.7.07 VM image.
      * Test the image to verify it works correctly.

      GitHub Tasks:
      * Verify all the repositories with changes to be included in this release have the appropriate release tag associated.
      * Move the 1.7.07 changes to the production directories.
      * Tag the changes in the production repositories with Release 1.7.07.
      * Download the zip files for each production repository that has changes included in the 1.7.07 Release.

      i2b2 Website
      * Update the text on the Software page (dev site).
      * Upload the zip files to the dev site.
      * Update the current release notes to display the notes for 1.7.07
      * Verify the the following:
                   * Text displays correctly
                   * All the links are working correctly
                   * Files download correctly
                   * The correct release notes display

      i2b2 Community Wiki
      * Add the 1.7.07 Release notes to the "i2b2 Official Release" space.
      * Add the 1.7.07 Known issues to the "i2b2 Official Release" space.




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