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Fresh install fails on PM Module and admin screen



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      Following the installation instructions and a new Oracle database install with nothing in the schemas I get the attached screen when trying a first log in to the admin console on our machine https://xxx.ctsi.mcw.edu/admin/ ( See screen shot which is the wrong screen , should be admin ) . The listServices test works fine .

       Here are my installation steps :

      Overall Process
        downloaded i2b2webclient-1700.zip and i2b2code-doc-1700.zip and i2b2createdb-1700.zip and transferred to server.
      unzipped all source zip files to /home/jboss/src as user jboss.

      From the Hive Upgrade Guide Manual the overall process is :

      Data Upgrade ( N/A on new servers )
      Data Installation (of IM data)
      Project Management (PM) Cell.
      Ontology (ONT) Cell.
      Data Repository (CRC) Cell.
      Workplace (WORK) Cell.
      File Repository (FR) Cell.
      Identity Management (IM) Cell.

      Data Installation
      All Installation is for FLMH Databases at this time

      Following the Data Installation Guide_1-7
      Create and Load Metadata Tables :
      cd /home/jboss/src/edu.harvard.i2b2.data/Release_1-7/NewInstall/Metadata
      vi db.properties
      ant -f data_build.xml create_metadata_tables_release_1-7
      ant -f data_build.xml db_metadata_load_data

      Create and Load CRC ( DemoData ) Tables
      cd /home/jboss/src/edu.harvard.i2b2.data/Release_1-7/NewInstall/Crcdata
      vi db.properties
      ant -f data_build.xml create_crcdata_tables_release_1-7
      ant -f data_build.xml create_procedures_release_1-7
      ant -f data_build.xml db_demodata_load_data

      Create and Load Workdata tables
      cd /home/jboss/src/edu.harvard.i2b2.data/Release_1-7/NewInstall/Workdata
      vi db.properties
      ant -f data_build.xml create_workdata_tables_release_1-7
      ant -f data_build.xml db_workdata_load_data

      Create and Load Hive tables
      cd /home/jboss/src/edu.harvard.i2b2.data/Release_1-7/NewInstall/Hivedata
      vi db.properties
      ant -f data_build.xml create_hivedata_tables_release_1-7
      ant -f data_build.xml db_hivedata_load_data

      Create and Load PM tables
      cd /home/jboss/src/edu.harvard.i2b2.data/Release_1-7/NewInstall/Pmdata
      vi db.properties
      ant -f data_build.xml create_pmdata_tables_release_1-7
      ant -f data_build.xml create_triggers_release_1-7
       ant -f data_build.xml db_pmdata_load_data

      Create and Load IM tables

      vi db.properties
        ant -f data_build.xml create_imdata_tables_release_1-7
        ant -f data_build.xml db_imdata_load_data

      Project Management (PM) Cell.

      Install Apache Axis

      Downloaded axis2-1.6.2-war.zip from :
      unzip to : 'YOUR_JBOSS_HOME_DIR/standalone/deployments/i2b2.war

      Deploy Common code
      cd /home/jboss/src/edu.harvard.i2b2.server-common
      vi build.properties and set jboss home to /usr/local/jboss
       ant clean dist deploy jboss_pre_deployment_setup

      Install PM Module
      cd /home/jboss/src/edu.harvard.i2b2.pm
      vi build.properties and set jboss home to /usr/local/jboss
      vi etc/jboss/pm-ds.xml
      ant -f master_build.xml clean build-all deploy

      Copy the admin pages to the root html dir
      cd /home/jboss/src
      cp -R admin /var/www/html/fmlh/

      Edited the PM_CELL_DATA table in the I2B2_PM schema by hand to change the URL column to http://xxx.ctsi.mcw.edu:8080

      Restart JBoss

      Access http://xxx.ctsi.mcw.edu/admin

      My $.02 : This installation has been a royal pain for years ! There is no upgrading here , fresh install should just work IMHO . Now I'll have to hack on this for a few days as usual to get it to work.




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