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Useful error messages are trapped at the DEBUG level in Wildfly 17



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      There are some error messages generated by the i2b2 Web Client's CRC Cell which are trapped at the DEBUG level and not the INFO or ERROR levels. If the Wildfly logging configuration is set to INFO and not DEBUG in standalone.xml, these messages will never appear to the user. It would aid in installation of the i2b2 platform if these error messages were trapped at the ERROR level instead.

      One such scenario can be triggered on version 1.7.12 quite easily. By removing the column "user_role_cd" from the table QT_QUERY_RESULT_TYPE, we can produce undesirable behavior in i2b2 by removing all of the query result types from being selected. This means that a user is unable to run an i2b2 query because at least one query result type must be selected. This throws a SQLException, but only at the DEBUG level. There is no error message or indication that anything is amiss at either the web client level or the Wildfly level, unless the aforementioned modifications are made.

      Leaving the Wildfly server logging at the DEBUG level is also undesirable due to the size of the logs generated.




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