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Issues with 1.7.10 VM image



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    • VMImage for server and workbench.
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      I am a new user and getting up to speed with i2b2 software. I have observed the following issues.

      (i) VMware Server is no more available to download. VM image is cannot be opened by the current player or the workstation.
      (ii) After using VMWare converter I was able to open the image. But the network configuration is all messed up.
      (iii) Documentation still refers to old users which do not exist. I was able to access the only root. I saw wildfly user and demouser password did not work.
      (iv) The database is not Oracle. I think is postgres.
      (v) I was not able to connect with the workbench vm image. The pm services url even though I was able to get the "getVersion" working from webbrowser. It is not recognized by the workbench. Documentation or troubleshooting section is out of date.
      (vi) I was not able to locate the log file. I was not able to access the wildfly or axis2 administration console. Logs refers to
      But this url is not accessible.
      (vii) Webclient is working and the workbench connection is not working.
      (viii) Postgres db details are missing.




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