The PM system is represented using the C&C Client-Server view.

Primary Presentation

Element Catalog

The properties of PM cell elements are:

Element Name



i2b2 Workbench

Client Component

Webservice client submits the requests to the PM server components and renders a response XML.

Project Management Server

Server Component

The ONT cell uses the PM cell to authenticate the user.
The ONT cell constructs the PM request message and makes a web service call to the PM cell.


Data Repository Component

This repository is a database for the cell, group, role, and user information.


Query Connector

SQL query used as a connector between the PM System and the metadata DB.

Web Service

Request Connector

SOAP or REST request used to communicate with the external system.

Design Rationale, Constraints

N-tier Architecture
The client-server style depicts the n-tier architecture that separates presentation layer from business logic and data access layer; thus providing for a high degree of portability.