The get_modifier_code_info message provides information needed to populate a tree node for a given search keyword. This message requires the user to pass a string that is queried against the _C_BASECODE_ column.

Return Name / Information Associated with a Code

To generate a list of base tree nodes or a list of names associated with a given keyword, the sequence of events is as follows:

  1. A client requests modifier(s) associated with a concept. These modifiers are specified as a basecode containing a given keyword.
  2. The ONT server performs the following steps:
    1. Parses <self> to obtain the table key and path. Queries the table of tables to confirm that the user / role can access the table that is referenced by the table key that is passed in. If not, the client receives an error message with the code "TABLE_ACCESS_DENIED"
    2. If max is set, query the database for the number of entries that meet the search criteria.
    3. If count <max or no max is set, query the database for entries that meet the search criteria.
    4. If count > max send an error message back.

  1. The client generates a list of modifiers that match the search criteria.
  2. The client receives an error message with the code "MAX_EXCEEDED" and displays a dialog asking if the user wants to see all nodes. If no – done. If yes – client sends another message with max empty.

get_modifier_code_info Request Message

A get_modifier_code_info message implies that the user is passing a code and wants the associated modifier information about that code returned.
The attributes provide information about the results to be returned. The hiddens and synonyms attributes tell us whether to return hiddens and synonyms. By default hiddens and synonyms are false, so if they are left out it will be false. The type tells which columns to select (default / core / all). By default, the type is set to default so you don't have to include it if you want the default set of columns returned. Each message will interpret the default to be a different set of columns. The default set of columns for get_modifier_code_info consists of name only.

The blob attribute indicates whether or not to return the blob along with the default / core / all return columns.
<get_modifier_code_info blob="true" type="limited" max="200" synonyms="true" hiddens="false">
<match_str strategy="exact">SNO:255604002</match_str>
<self>\\i2b2_DEMO\i2b2\Diagnoses\Circulatory system (390-459)\Arterial vascular disease (440-447)(444) Arterial embolism and throm~{color:#0000ff}</self>

Possible "type" Settings




Return only the name


Return all data except the system / date and dimension information


Return all data except the system / date information


Return all data

get_modifier_code_info Response Message

The ONT request to map a code to a modifier has the following settings:

Response Message:
<name>Severity: Mild</name>
<visualattributes>RA </visualattributes>
<totalnum />
<comment />
<tooltip>Severity \ Mild</tooltip>