The Patient Set Viewer and other ACT software requires a working directory. Here the software creates and updates files for background jobs, caching, and other tasks. The software needs create and write to this working directory.

In the ACT_config.php file, we have provided a default location for your working directory. It is: /opt/viewer_jobs. You have to provide the correct access by running the chmod command as shown.

chmod 777 /opt/viewer_jobs

Only if you want to create and use your own path/directory for the working directory follow these two steps. Otherwise the Working Directory step is now complete.

First, in the root of your ACT Web Client directory edit the ACT_config.php file. Change the working_directory to the path and directory name you plan on using

return array(         
         'shrine_url' => 'your_SHRINE_URL_here',
         'working_directory' => '/opt/viewer_jobs',
         'site_name' => 'Partners',
         'debug_logging' => true,
         'shrine_connector_logging' => false,
         'patient_list_exporter_logging' => false

Second, create the directory with correct access settings:

mkdir /opt/viewer_jobs
chmod -R a+w /opt/viewer_jobs

Make sure web (HTTP) access is not allowed to this directory

At least 0.5 Gigabyte of space is recommended for your working directory