In this example walkthrough you will see how to set up a SHRINE i2b2 user with the correct roles, and set up for Active Directory Sync by calling the web services of the PM Cell.


  1. Check that a user is not already registered in SHRINE project


2. Set the user in the i2b2 SHRINE project



3. Give the user role of DATA_AGGset_role()<pm:set_role>
4. Give the user role of USERset_role() <pm:set_role>
5. Set the user param of authentication_method to NTLMset_user_param()<pm:set_user_param>
6. Set the user param of domain to your AD domainset_user_param() <pm:set_user_param>
7. Set the user param of domain_controller to the address of your domain controlerset_user_param() <pm:set_user_param>