Unzip Folders and Files

Manual Install Steps

Version 1.2 is released to ACT pilot sites as a zipped folder containing the i2b2 1.7.12 web client with prepackaged ACT plugins named act-webclient. To deploy the web client at your local site user, unzip the file into your web server directory (e.g. /var/www/html/)

Set Up Working Directory

Create the following 'working' directory on your system:  /opt/viewer_jobs (you can rename viewer_jobs if desired)

Edit Configurations

It is a good idea to edit config files locally and then copy all files to the web server.

To ensure that the ACT software works correctly, the ACT_config.php file has to be edited to accommodate your environment. This file can be found in the act-webclient root directory.

Details for each configuration task are shown below.

Shrine URL:

i2b2 Domain & PM cell URL:

Validate ACT Web Client installation

After the ACT webclient is successfully deployed to the web server, you can validate the installation using a tool provided with the webclient.

This tool can be accessed at http://url_to_your_webclient/ACT_requirements.php. When your validation is completed, you should remove ACT_requirements.php and ACT_inspector.php