This ACT utility has checked your install for various requirements. If these requirements are not met, your ACT install may not run, or have issues. The requirements checked are such things as, the correct version of PHP, correct PHP extensions, a working directory that has the correct permissions set, and more. As new requirements are created, their tests will be added to this page.

The URL to the ACT Validator will be: http://your_hostname/ACT_requirements.php

This utility has three sections. Prerequisites checks, Configuration Checks, and a quick view of your ACT_config.php file.

By default the Validator shows only the test results for system requirements. Each time you make a correction to your system to fix any issues, you can click the refresh button to see if the test will pass.

By unchecking the Prerequisites checkbox, the Validator will show all test results including configuration settings.

You can get a quick view of your ACT_config file by clicking on the Show button.