The Standard-based Extract, Transform, and Load (SETL) cell supports interoperability between i2b2 and standards-based clinical data formats. Currently nearing completion are tools to import and process HL7 Continuity of Care Documents (CCDs), which healthcare systems will shortly be producing as a requirement of Meaningful Use.

CCD Import 

Use case 1: Process CCD documents on the fly for live refresh of patient data in SMART apps

Click on the links below to read our recent AMIA abstract and see our presentation slides.

Klann J, Porter A, Wattanasin N, Murphy S. Importing Continuity of Care Documents into i2b2 and SMART. AMIA Joint Summits 2014;143. [associated slides]

Use case 2: Import CCD documents directly into the i2b2 data repository

Presently encounter notes, problem list, medication list, and demographics are supported. More information available soon.

Software release and related tools

Our first public release will be made available in the coming months and will include:

Currently, the SNOMED ontology is available for download [or extract a newer version].

Related project: OHT-MDMI [software release available in May] 
Related project: SMART-i2b2
Related project: QueryHealth

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