Steps Completed

The following steps were completed during this chapter on installing the PM Cell.

  Project Management (PM) Installation Chapter

  Stopped WildFly services

  Configured the build properties

  Configured the data sources


  Started WildFly services

  Verified installation

  PM Web Services are running

Next Steps

Before continuing with the installation of the other i2b2 Core Cells you need to install the i2b2 Administration (Admin) Module. In order to manage your cells and configure your project related data you need to be able to log into the Admin.

Although not required we also recommend that you install the i2b2 Web Client and Workbench so that you can do a quick sanity check after each cell is installed. This sanity check will verify the cell was properly installed and is working correctly.

At this point in the installation process your next step is to proceed to the i2b2 Administration Module Install Chapter where the steps for installing the Admin are defined.