As stated previously the working directory for server-common installation is edu.harvard.i2b2.server-common folder. The following outlines the steps that need to be taken during the configuration stage of the installation.

Step 1:   Change your woking directory

Step 2:   Configure the build properties


The steps in this section are based on the following assumptions:

Linux: your user has the appropriate administrative access to the opt directory.

Windows: You are logged into the Windows Command Prompt as an Administrator.

If you do not have the appropriate access you will have problems running the scripts.

Step 1: Change working directory

The first step in the cell configuration process is to change your working directory to the location of your folder.

CD YOUR_I2B2_SRC_DIR\edu.harvard.i2b2.server-common


Linux Command:  CD /opt/i2b2/edu.harvard.i2b2.server-common

Windows Command:  CD C:\opt\i2b2\edu.harvard.i2b2.server-common